“Red Hen” Restaurant Takes a Victory Lap … or Do They?

Remember the Red Hen restaurant? It’s the establishment whose owner (Stephanie Wilkinson) kicked out Trump Administration Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family a year ago this month. After asking Sanders to leave, Wilkinson reportedly stalked Sarah’s family to the restaurant they decided to eat and staged a protest.

Oddly enough, last month mainstream media outlets decided to assist Red Hen’s owner by publishing her claims in puff pieces based on Wilkinson’s assertion that business has never been better. What Wilkinson and the media leave out is that the regional tourism board she used to chair had to spend $5000 a month from its emergency budget to help revive tourism to Lexington, Virginia which was nearly devastated resulting from her publicity stunt.

Last week, while accompanying President Trump on his stay in England, Mrs. Sanders dined with Queen Elizabeth as part of the festivities held to commemorate D-Day. If there is any revenge, it is that Sarah gets to enjoy a better quality meal dining in Buckingham palace almost a year after the Red Hen occurred.

However, this is not a victory lap for Red Hen’s owner as the mainstream media would like you to believe. Ultimately, what it shows is that Stephanie Wilkinson not only cashes in on her hate, but leeches off of her fellow local merchants in order to virtue signal. The mainstream media also tried to fly cover for her but showed (once again) they prefer to act as a propaganda arm for the Left.

ADDENDUM 07/01/2019: Wilkinson’s hatred of her political opponents is deep. She is now on record endorsing her opposition be spat on and harassed until they have no choice but to eat at home.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Várkonyi Ádám – FOTO:Fortepan — ID 94552:Adományozó/Donor: Várkonyi Ádám., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50687595