VDARE Files Lawsuit Against PayPal

While I am no fan of the group VDARE, they have filed a very interesting lawsuit against PayPal. During May of 2017, the group states they had their PayPal account terminated for no reason and, most likely, under false pretenses.

During February of this year, The Wall Street Jounral reported that PayPal partnered with the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center in order to help inform the company on how to deal with organizations whom they provide services to such as Infowars, Wikileaks, Gab, and VDARE. The result was a vicious campaign to terminate each targeted group’s contracts and usually no reason was given for the cancellations.

Upon termination of their account, according to VDARE head Peter Brimelow, it was all downhill from there:

“PayPal then proceeded to send false and harassing emails to our former recurring donors demanding that they “pay what they owe.” And PayPal refused to explain this demand to these donors, just as it has refused to explain to VDARE.com why it has cut us off.”

VDARE recently filed their lawsuit alleging discrimination based on political views which is illegal in California, the same state where Facebook, Google and Twitter are based. If VDARE is successful, think of all of the anti-discrimination lawsuits filed by attorneys representing California residents who use social media and other technology company services (that means you too, WordPress) if they had been banned or somehow de-platformed. This also can spread to states where anti-discrimination laws are in place preventing retaliation or discrimination against people for expressing political views or engaging in activity when providing services (like social media).