There’s More To The Story About Adam Rich’s Untimely Demise

Eight Is Enough star Adam Rich, 54, recently passed away and the so-called pure bloods or vaccine skeptics are already attributing Rich’s death to his decision to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

Understandably, Rich’s family has decided not to disclose the cause of his death, but it is ridiculous to automatically jump to conclusions about Adam’s passing away. Simultaneously, there is nothing wrong with questioning the science of vaccines, including the ones for coronavirus and side effects that may occur. In fairness, it was wrong for Adam Rich to condemn people who chose not to get vaccinated.

However, in the case of the above tweet, the context is to promote the idea the cause of death was vaccination and nothing more.

There is more to the story about Adam Rich’s tragic death and what is known does not point to the vaccine as being the cause. As CBS News points out:

He had several run-ins with police related to drugs and alcohol — and sought treatment at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage.

Rich suffered from a type of depression that defied treatment and he had tried to erase the stigma of talking about mental illness, said publicist Danny Deraney. He unsuccessfully tried experimental cures over the years.

CBS News also says Rich had a lot of drug overdoses, including making a number of visits to rehab clinics to treat his addictions.

In short, Adam Rich had major problems and tried to address them, but the solutions he sought didn’t work. No doubt his family and friends tried to help him, but Rich’s mental issues along with his alcohol and drug abuse obviously caught up with him.

Any insinuation that Adam Rich or anyone else’s death resulted from the COVID-19 vaccine is irresponsible if not outright vulturous. Especially since there is no proof at this time the coronavirus vaccine causes early deaths and multiple reasons why people suddenly die.

A family has lost a loved one, and someone who brought a lot of entertainment in people’s lives demonstrating the innocence of childhood is now gone. Adam Rich should be remembered for the good he did and the bad times he endured should be an example of trying to address personal problems in order to avoid even more tragic consequences.

Rest in peace, Adam.