Environmentalists Frustrated They Are Being Held Accountable

FINALLY! If you want to know why environmentalist groups have scaled back their holy war, you need look no further than a Grist article pointing out that they are now properly being held accountable for their actions which have involved not just sabotage but outright acts of intimidation and even violence. From the article:

“Environmental activism has long put protesters at odds with government officials. But instead of dismissing climate-conscious demonstrators as hippies or “tree huggers,” government officials have begun using more dangerous labels — including “terrorist.”

It’s happening all over the world, from the U.S. to the Philippines to Brazil (which just yesterday inaugurated particularly anti-environmental/indigenous President Jair Bolsonaro). It even happened at the recent United Nations climate talks in Poland. More than two dozen climate activists headed to the summit in Katowice were deported or refused entry on the pretext of being national threats.”

Governments from the United States to the Philippines have (rightly) had enough of Big Green and are taking action to stop them. In the United States, the President and Congress have taken measures to enact criminal penalties and other measures to crack down on environmentalists classifying them as the eco-terrorists they truly are. Grist also reports that the states of Washington and North Carolina have passed their own laws to stop environmentalists from conducting sabotage and a host of other activites. In short, it isn’t just Republican states that are trying to stop them.

The mean greenies complain about being oppressed, maverick outsiders but that is really a way for them to rationalize their postmodern worldview grounded in their hatred of civilization. By no means is it over, but this is a welcome sign that the green movement may be badly damaged to where legal action is all they have left. Environmentalist groups, like Greenpeace or Riverkeeper, are nothing more than modern-day Primitivistic Luddites dedicated to destroying civilization so humans will be driven back to prehistoric living conditions.