Greenpeace Hoodlums Trespass on BP Oil Rig

Greenpeace terrorists took it upon themselves to trespass on an oil rig run by British Petroleum located off the coast of Scotland and won’t leave until the company stops drilling for new oil wells.

According to Reuters, the thugs scaled the structure of the 27,000 ton oil rig Sunday evening as it was departing the inlet of Cromarty Firth in Northern Scotland, headed for the North Sea. This event occurs a month after some other Greenpeace goons locked themselves inside 5 huge containers in front of BP’s London headquarters entrance.

While BP is working on trying to resolve the situation safely, the company that owns and operates the oil rig, Transocean, should seriously consider having other preventive measures (such as armed security) if they do not already in order to deter these kinds of incidents. None the less, isn’t it great that these hooligans emitted a whole bunch of carbon dioxide using boats with gas-powered engines just to get their people to their destination in order to make a statement about human-caused climate change?

UPDATE 06/20/2019: The Greenpeace punks were removed and arrested by police.