Grist ‘Investigates’ DiCaprio’s Climate Activism, But Falls Short

By Joseph Valle, June 6 2019 – MRC News Busters

Liberal Hollywood celebrities love to talk about saving the planet from climate change. They blame carbon-spewing humans for planetary crisis, all while living like hypocrites.

One of the biggest is actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio claims to be an environmentalist and has a charitable foundation, but that doesn’t mean he’s saving the world. Ironically, he was nearly outed by the left-wing, eco-website Grist on June 3; if only its “investigation” had gone deeper.

The site that bashes climate realists as “deniers” and panics about the state of the planet regularly, was inspired by a new Netflix show to consider whether DiCaprio’s environmental activism has done anything. News writer Zoya Teirstein referenced Always Be My Maybe, in which one character asks, “What has he [DiCaprio] done for climate change?” Another replies, “He’s working on it!”

This prompted Teirstein to find out if DiCaprio was “working on it” and whether he’d accomplished anything.

She was unimpressed by DiCaprio’s collaboration with National Geographic on the 2016 documentary, Before the Flood, in which he did “a lot of staring out airplane windows” to see (and show) the “effects of climate change.”

“Did the Wolf of Wall Street succeed in saving his brethren? Nope, as far as I can tell everything is still dying,” Teirstein snarked.