9 Things You Think Are Environmentally Friendly — But Aren’t

Anna Groves | Discover | August 9, 2019

“We all care about the environment at least a tiny bit. Some of us more than others. But there are things a few of us do with the best intentions that, it turns out, fall somewhere between not helpful and completely counterproductive. Here are some of the worst offenders and how to avoid them.”

A lot of people who care about the natural environment will purchase products with green labeling such as vegan, organic. or non-GMO. But, as the Discover article points out, these labels don’t certify the products are an improvement over their present equivalents.

In some areas you can reduce a product’s carbon footprint by buying a local version of it since the number of miles it took to get to you was greatly reduced. But because of how efficient it is to ship items, like produce, in large quantities, any benefits derived by the so-called localism are negated. A local farmer bringing a couple of crates of corn or broccoli to the market might actually have a bigger per item carbon footprint.