Extinction Rebellion Leader Loves Holiday Airline Flights

A very interesting report by the The Sun. Back in 2016, one of the founders of the environmentalist terrorist group Extinction Rebellion named Gail Bradbrook bragged about taking a luxury vacation in Costa Rica on social media. The flight itself was 11,000 miles.

Bradbrook said on Facebook that her holiday was filled with nature and the warm sea’ and sightings of exotic wildlife including iguanas and monkeys that ‘smash mangoes on the roofs. Never mind, according to the Daily Mail, that her plane trip racked up a 2.6 ton carbon footprint which is a quarter of what Brittons emit in a year. Not to mention the lodging cost a total of approximately $3800 (over $300 a night) for her entire stay at the New Life Iboga in Costa Rica.

In fairness, this trip took place before her forming XR in which Bradbrook states she formed the group after taking psychedelic drugs and praying in a deep way. However, Bradbrook is a long time environmental activist and said she has been trying to start civil disobedience activities 9 years ago.

This may seem like nit-picking, however, it raises an important point. During their protests, XR demanded a drastic reduction in air travel and even went so far as to hold up air traffic at London City Airport a few days ago. So-called eco-warriors, like Gail Bradbrook, Emma Thompson, or Belgian princess Marie-Esmeralda only care about the climate when it is convenient and suits their need to promote themselves.

Worst part about it, whackos, like the above mentioned ladies, are calling the shots on Great Britain’s energy policy.