Animal rights activist calls for charges against veterinarian who saves animals from euthanasia

An animal rights activist out of Russia named Anna Razinova is urging prosecutors to bring charges against a veterinarian for not euthanizing pets. Simultaneously, Razinova is also the head of a law club of pet owners.

If one understands the ethics of animal rights organizations, Anna Razinova’s actions make sense. Animal rights groups, like PETA, and people such as Razinova think most people can’t be trusted with the care of pets which can be trained for things other than what they determine is an animal’s true nature (including the desire to be free). Consequently, they believe that domesticated animals should be sent to that big animal shelter in the sky.

Animal rights groups hate humans to the point where they will kill off our pets after stealing them from you or calling for them to be euthanized or not resuscitated. Not a very ethical way to treat animals either, but it’s obvious that Razinova doesn’t care.

Source: Crime Russia