Animal “Rights” Thugs Harass Blind People Over “Unethical” Guide Dogs

Animal rights campaigners claim service dogs are unfairly bred to benefit humans.

Charlie Parker, November 6, 2019, The Times

Blind people are being verbally abused by animal rights activists for owning guide dogs.

Owners say they were targeted while walking their specially trained labradors, who wear high-visibility harnesses to identify them as helpers.

Some animal welfare campaigners claim that service dogs are unfairly bred to benefit humans.

Jonathan Attenborough, from Fife, was born without sight in his right eye and aggressive glaucoma claimed the sight in his left five years ago. He was paired with Sam, a three-year-old labrador, in April last year.

Mr Attenborough, 30, described his pet as a “constant companion” who had enabled him to lead a more fulfilling life. He is convinced that Sam lives a happy life as his helper.

However, after two verbal attacks from people claiming to be campaigners against animal cruelty, he has begun to worry about further criticism.