Trump May Issue Executive Order Freeing Up Federally Funded Research

An interesting point made about this by Joseph Bast who is former President of and a Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute on his Facebook page:

“This would be a huge win for those trying to remove junk science from the regulatory process. Many “science” journals have been taken over and weaponized by the left. And remember, half or more of the articles published in those “high quality” scholarly journals cannot be replicated or are proven to be false.”

Trump might help free science that’s locked behind paywalls

Reportedly, the White House may issue an executive order on federally funded research. Publishers aren’t happy.

By Brian Resnick and Julia Belluz, Vox

The Trump administration is reportedly considering issuing an executive order that would make it easier for everyone to access publicly funded research.

According to E&E News, the White House is considering mandating, via executive order, that all federally funded research be immediately available to the public upon publication. Currently, a lot of federally funded research is kept behind a paywall for one year before it becomes public. The executive order would reportedly mandate eliminating that paywall period.

It’s unclear what’s motivating the administration to issue this mandate, and the text of the potential executive order has not yet been released. At this point, it’s hard to completely evaluate its merits.

But if what’s reported is broadly true, this could be a big win for a movement known as Open Science, which has complained that for too long, taxpayer-funded research has been locked behind expensive paywalls, keeping it out of reach for the people who paid for it.