ABC Australia Deleted Posts Promoting Environmentalists Opposing Controlled Burns

The staff of a conservative Australian online news and opinion website named Cauldron Pool discovered the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) deleted posts from their Facebook page. The network posted news stories promoting environmentalists who sought to halt or disrupt controlled burns being conducted as part of Australia’s brush fire safety program.

The regions mentioned in the posts have been ravaged or will soon be threatened by massive brush fires that have been alleged to be the result of environmentalists opposed to controlled burns. It is absolutely mind-boggling and terrible that the ABC would even provide uncritical news coverage and also encouraged this vicious and immoral effort conducted by environmentalist groups. What’s worse, the network (which is an arm of the Australian government) attempts to coverup their assisting the greens in their destructive efforts.

For a limited time you can also view them at Google’s cache of the posts. Australian environmentalists are emulating their American cousins who are laying waste to California.

ADDENDUM 01/05/2020: Please consider donating to the Red Cross or an aid organization to help the victims of the Australian brush fires.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia – Yanderra Brushfire

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