DxE Makes the Case for IA. Senator’s “Ag-Gag” Law

Congratulations to Direct Action Everywhere (DxE)! They just made the case for Iowa state senator Ken Rozenboom’s bill to enact a ag-gag law. The hoodlums trespassed and took video footage (that they probably edited) at Rozenboom’s farm without his consent and clearly in an attempt to smear him. The very thing that the senator seeks to prevent.

Animal rights group claims animal neglect at farm of Iowa senator who backed ag-gag law

Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register Published 12:01 a.m. CT Jan. 24, 2020

Direct Action said it targeted Rozenboom, a Republican, because he was among the legislators who helped pass last year’s ag-gag law.

The law makes it a crime for animal welfare activists, journalists and others to go undercover at meatpacking plants and livestock facilities to document conditions.

“He’s the epitome of the problem here,” said Matt Johnson, an Iowan who led the group’s research. “He’s trying to grow and expand factory farming while shielding it from transparency.”

Rozenboom contends the activists exposed the animals to possible disease by entering the facility without permission. Johnson says the group members took biosecurity precautions, showering before their visit and wearing protective biohazard suits and shoe coverings.

“They say they’re all about rescue and saving animals from cruelty. But it’s nothing to do with pigs,” Rozenboom said, pointing to the group’s nine-month delay in revealing its findings.

“It’s about staging a rally,” he said, referring to an event that Direct Action participated in Thursday at the state Capitol along with other environmental and animal welfare groups. The groups called for a moratorium on building new confined animal feeding operations in Iowa, which they label “factory farms,” and met with state lawmakers.

Johnson said that the group waits to report its concerns to authorities because it wants to make sure it’s not blamed for a disease outbreak. He said the state’s ag-gag laws “have created a climate of fear.”