Evironmentalist Group Spreads Misinformation on “Forever Chemicals”

Surprise! Surprise! The Environmental Worry … er … Work Group is caught by an intrepid author for spreading misinformation about so-called forever chemicals. The below article also points out that EWG is also infamous for spreading false information in order to promote chemophobia about vaccines, GMO’s, and pesticides too.

Read This Before You Panic Over ‘Forever Chemicals’ Reports in US Drinking Water

CARLY CASSELLA – 24 JAN 2020 – Science Alert

If you’ve been reading the headlines and are suddenly terrified by the “toxic soup” of “forever chemicals” in the water you’ve been drinking your whole life, it’s time to stop, relax and look up the source. Maybe even grab yourself a glass of water. It’s not going to poison you.

The terrifying new report comes from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a government ‘watchdog’ with a penchant for hyperbole – so much so, that critics refer to them as the Environmental “Worry” Group.

Over the years, EWG has encouraged anti-vaccine hysteria and myths around autism, exploited the public’s fear of weedkiller, pesticides and pretty much all synthetic compounds, and spurred on the anti-GMO movement.

Now, it wants you to think chemicals that could increase cancer risk – known as perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS – have contaminated practically all major water supplies in the US, despite government officials saying everything is fine.


PHOTO CREDIT: DepositPhotos