Michael Bloomberg Bankrolls Asst. A.G.s to Sue Fossil Fuel Companies

During June of last year, an op-ed appeared in the Boston Herald by a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The author cited research by his organization that uncovered two Special Assistant Attorneys General in Massachusetts being bankrolled by Michael Bloomberg. Their primary purpose was not to serve the interests of the people of the Bay State, rather their sole purpose is to sue fossil fuel companies accusing them of producing the means that causes climate change. This being done in order to make it easier to implement renewable energy schemes.

However, the author also points out that this is going on in other states around the country in states where Democrats are Attorney General. State Attorney General officers are being weaponized against fossil fuel companies doing what environmentalist organizations are unable to do using the police powers of states. Thankfully, all of the lawsuits seeking to do this have been turned away by the courts. But this sue the maker strategy isn’t just what environmentalists support since (if successful) it will cripple oil refining, and can also drive fossil fuel companies out of the country like what happened to light airplane manufacturing resulting in massive job loss.

In light of Mr. Bloomberg’s run for the presidential nomination for the Democrat Party, this issue has been raised again. Below is a video the Clear Energy Alliance produced that lays all of the evidence out.