Arizona, Federal Wildlife Officials Investigate Deaths of 3 Mexican Wolves

3 Mexican grey wolves were found killed in Arizona during January of this year in which they were alleged to have been part of seven livestock kills during that month. Give wolves endangered species protections, and this is the result. Most likely, the wolves were killed by ranchers who had had enough of their livestock being killed and decided to take matters in their own hands. This is part of environmentalist’s behavior modification nonsense to push people into becoming vegan since the deaths of cattle also (in theory) hike meat prices. Larger wolf populations mean more attacks against humans too.

Wildlife managers investigate deaths of 3 Mexican wolves

Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — State and federal wildlife managers are investigating the death of three endangered Mexican gray wolves found last month in Arizona.

Officials with the wolf recovery team did not release any details about the circumstances of the animals’ deaths or the specific areas where they were found. One of the wolves was a female that belonged to the Saffel Pack. The other two were single females.

Officials also reported that wolves were found to be responsible for seven livestock kills in January. Two nuisance incidents also were investigated.