Environmentalists: There’s A Bright Side to COVID-19 Pandemic

This takes Monty Python’s point to a whole new level. A case could be made that the cited remarks below are just a matter of misplaced priorities, but that would be too kind. Ultimately, these people are really sick.

Environmentalists Look on the Bright Side of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has led to less air pollution…unless you count all the germs.

Christian Britschgi | 3.30.2020 Reason

Millions of people sheltering in their homes for fear of catching a deadly virus is not normally a sign of a healthy environment. Yet some environmentalists and members of the media think they’ve found a big silver lining in this whole global pandemic thing: Harmful emissions are down, and quarantine life is acclimating people to more sustainable ways of living.

“There’s an unlikely beneficiary of the coronavirus: the planet,” says a CNN headline about extreme quarantine measures in Wuhan, China. “It seems the lockdown had an unintended benefit—blue skies.” Nice!

One Stanford professor, drawing on not-necessarily-reliable Chinese government statistics about COVID-19 deaths, has argued that the virus is saving lives in that country by causing this reduction in air pollution.

Here in the U.S., sharp declines in traffic caused by coronavirus-related shutdowns of economic and social life are being treated as a gleaming example of the way things could be.