German Environmentalists Push for Insect Protection

In light of allegations that Germany’s insect population is on the decline, environmentalists are pushing for a new law to protect them. In reality, it is an underhanded attempt to outlaw pesticides which will make food crops more vulnerable to insect consumption of them which will, in turn, make more people vulnerable to starvation. Another way to kill off humans is to reduce their food supply and insects are one tool environmentalists use to do so. Hence their opposition to pesticides and GMO’s.

German environmentalists put pressure back on insect protection

16, April 2020 – The Sun

German environmental activists are calling on the federal government to move faster with legislation protecting insects from extinction and banning the pesticide glyphosate.

“Bees and glyphosate have made it into the coalition agreement, but we still have no insect protection law and not even a ban on pesticide use in private gardens,’’ Katrin Wenz, Agricultural Expert at Environmental Group BUND, said.

“If the insect protection law doesn’t come in by next spring, the chances are dwindling, because then it’s already election season again.’’

NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) spokesperson, Verena Riedl agreed: “Insect protection is in danger of being forgotten through declarations of intent before something is actually achieved.’’


PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia – Mexican Fruit Fly, Jack Dykinga, USDA Agricultural Research Service