8 Strategies Animal “Rights” Thugs Are Using to Attack Animal Products

A columnist with Beef Daily posted a very interesting and scary blog post outlining 8 successful strategies animal rights terrorists are using relentlessly to try to undermine meat and other animal products. Form example, groups like Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) are using the COVID-19 virus as a means to make their case to shut down meat, dairy, and other animal-related processing facilities.

8 activist strategies to dismantle animal ag during COVID-19

Extremist groups continue to push forward their agendas while ranchers’ attentions are focused on feeding a hungry planet. Here’s what you need to know.

Amanda Radke, Beef Daily

Folks, ever since this COVID-19 pandemic was hurled upon us as a nation, we’ve experienced a whirlwind of changes and a shift in the dynamics of the beef cattle business.

Everything is so fast paced now that new developments seem to happen by the hour.

In recent weeks, our attention has been focused on things like packing plant closures, the Defense Production Act being invoked to reopen and keep processing moving, producers forced to euthanize hogs and chickens, calls to investigate corruption in the meat business and Trump’s order for the Department of Justice to look into the Big Four, a petition to reinstate mandatory Country of Origin Labeling circling social media, and an attentive press eager to hear from producers on all of these arising issues and topics.

And while these evolving issues and stories continue to take shape and consume our attention, we have lost sight of the true external threats that are getting stronger with each passing day. These threats aim to put us out of business and eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from the menu.

Even as this pandemic rages on, activist groups are continuing their work and are achieving small and large victories. And it seems nobody is really paying attention.

In recent weeks, I’ve blogged about what these bad actors have been up to. Without question, they have been busy chipping away at our freedoms to own and use livestock and animals in food, medicine, research and more. I’ll continue to add to a growing list of “activities” these groups have been engaged in while we’ve been otherwise distracted.