Greta Thunberg Will Be a Panelist on CNN’s Townhall Tomorrow Night. No, Really!

Somehow I must have missed where Greta Thunberg was any kind of medical expert nor someone with any credibility to speak about COVID-19. However, Thunberg is slated to appear with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, along with former Obama Administration officials Richard Besser and Kathleen Sebelius on a CNN townhall tomorrow night. Unlike Thunberg, at least the latter panelists have medical backgrounds. But, the overall intent is that the townhall will be more political than informational.

Most likely, Thunberg will be there to make the case that the coronavirus is somehow linked to climate change. But, then again, she isn’t an expert on climate change either. No doubt during the event Thunberg will attempt to somehow capitalize on her bout with COVID-19. If she does, it would be in bad taste for Thunberg to politicize her misfortune in order to gain publicity.

The heads of CNN, on the other hand, are hopelessly in denial if they think people aren’t going to see through this charade. You can read up on the sad details HERE.