Iowa Farm Employees Harassed By Animal “Rights” Thugs

Employees at an Iowa farm forced to euthanize pigs because of the COVID-19 outbreak were harassed recently by animal rights hoodlums who trespassed on the farm grounds. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the property remained untouched, but this is another example that animal rights is about the animalistic treatment of humans and not the ethical or humane treatment of animals.

Iowa farm forced to euthanize pigs was ‘infiltrated’ by animal activists

Kim Norvell, Des Moines Register, May 20, 2020

An Iowa farm that has been forced to euthanize hogs because of the coronavirus was “infiltrated” by unknown animal activists this week.

No one was injured, and the property was not damaged, but employees were taunted, harassed and videotaped during the euthanasia process, “at a moment that was a very hard time for our employees already,” said Jen Sorenson, communications director for Iowa Select Farms, which owns more than 800 farms across the state.

The incident, as well as a second break-in at the same farm, is being investigated, according to the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. It is unknown who is behind the incidents.

“COVID-19 has completely disrupted our food supply chain and that’s forcing pork producers to make gut-wrenching decisions,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig in a statement. “It’s very unfortunate that livestock producers have to protect themselves against activists a time when they’re facing tremendous mental and financial stress.”