Aussie Vegan Punk Tries to Gross Out McDonald’s Customers

A hoodlum with the human hate group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) tried to intimidate customers at a McDonald’s in Western Australia recently. She entered the restaurant holding a sign, wearing (fake) blood soaked clothes, yelled at customers while playing recordings of the screams of animals allegedly while they were being slaughtered. This isn’t the first time she’s pulled idiotic publicity stunts like this and, fortunately, the woman generated very little interest while in McDonald’s and received a lot of negative comments online.

Vegan activist storms McDonald’s in blood-soaked outfit in animal rights protest

Tash Peterson played audio clips of animals being “brutally murdered” allegedly inside Australian slaughterhouses, but her actions provoked a mixed reaction online

Tiffany Lo, Daily Star

An animal activist has been filmed storming a McDonald’s restaurant in a blood-coloured outfit as part of a bizarre protest.

Vegan Tash Peterson, 26, held a rubber pig’s head and played audio clips of animal screams by the entrance of the store in Western Australia.

Footage showed the masked activist, dressed in blood-stained white-coloured top and trousers, holding up a placard by the counters inside the restaurant while shocked customers watched on.

She then shouts at the customers: “The sounds you hear now are the sounds animals being brutally murdered inside Australian slaughterhouses.

“They suffocate to death, they are electrocuted or they have a bolt run straight to their brain.

“You are directly contributing to this each time you eat meat, dairy and eggs.”

In another clip, she is seen standing by the stairs outside the eatery as two police officers approach and ask her questions.

“We are demanding transparencies from these industries that sell animal products because they are using misleading marketing and labelling tactics through their advertising,” Tash claims.

“For example they use the terms ‘humane slaughter’, ‘free-range’, ‘cage free’ and ‘RSPCA-approved’ to make consumers believe that they’re buying ‘ethical’ and cruelty-free animal products, but that doesn’t exist.

“Because all of these animals are living in abhorrent conditions and they are suffering.”