Sportsmen’s organization is an environmentalist front group

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) is a group that seeks to follow in the footsteps of President Theodore Roosevelt. With chapters in Minnesota and fifteen other states, the group likes to think, in the words of the group’s co-chair David Lein, protect the backcountry like Teddy did. However, upon critical examination by a watchdog group, BHA is not what it seems. As it turns out, BHA is actually an environmentalist front group masquerading as a sportsmen’s organization.

The Environmental Policy Alliance (EPA) seeks to expose fake sportsmen and so-called green decoy groups. What raised red flags with the EPA over BHA were some of their stated policy positions and money they took in:

BHA’s Minnesota chapter opposes the proposed Sandpiper pipeline that would transport 375,000 barrels daily of North Dakota crude oil to Minnesota and Wisconsin refineries. The group also weighed in against the proposed PolyMet copper mine that could bring hundreds of jobs to northern Minnesota’s Iron Range.

“Since the days of Theodore Roosevelt (America’s greatest hunter-conservationist) and beyond, hunters and anglers and other outdoorsmen and women have been fighting those who would develop and despoil our nation’s great public lands estate for their own personal gain/benefit,” Lien said in an email.

Tax returns show BHA has received nearly $730,000 since 2011 from four foundations the Environmental Policy Alliance includes on its “Who’s Who list of radical, left-wing, environmentalist foundations”:

-Western Conservation Foundation, $406,491
-Pew Charitable Trust, $128,510
-William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, $100,000
-The Wilburforce Foundation, $94,336

The BHA fired back after this information came to light, calling the accusations baseless in which BHA accused the EPA of being a corporate front group founded by industry lobbyist Rick Berman.

However, the below video entitled Green Decoys states that Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and many other environmental groups have a hidden agenda to influence public policy backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from questionable foundations. BHA is one of many closet green groups and it is no surprise that environmentalists would resort to such tactics in order to influence policy making while confusing or disinforming the public. Environmentalists are shameless nihilists who revere nature for nature’s sake and consider mankind a means to nature’s end to the greater glory of Gaia.