‘The Five’ React To Accusations That ‘Big Tech Is Out To Get Conservatives’

Silicon Valley titans deny political censorship at anti-trust hearing on Capitol Hill; reaction and analysis on Fox NewsThe Five. Thankfully, President Trump tweeted today he may issue an Executive Order* on this due to Congress’s inaction and the FTC is reportedly working on rules to weaken the shield social media and other technology companies enjoy under U.S. law.

The best thing the president can do is order the Justice Department to initiate antitrust lawsuits against Twitter, Google, or Facebook with the goal of getting a court decision stating social media companies have violated the terms of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act resulting from their removing or banning certain posts by their users (such as Donald Trump, Jr.) is tantamount to editing content.

UPDATE 07/30/2020: President Trump has issued an Executive Order regarding online censorship on the part of social media companies.

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