The Left Weaponizes Illegal Immigrants and #COVID-19 With Caravans

Almost a month before Election Day, and with illegal immigration on the southern border soaring in June, CBS News reports a caravan of migrants bound for the United States has left Honduras in which their first stop is in Guatemala. Fortunately, the Guatemalan government has vowed to prevent the expedition from going any further. If the caravan or any of its participants break away and reach Mexico in order to enter the U.S., it is doubtful they will fair any better.

While Guatemala did close its country down due to COVID-19, they recently re-opened and migrant caravan organizers obviously decided to take advantage of the situation. The difference between this group, as opposed to the previous campaigns, is the potential that many of them are infected with coronavirus. If so, pictures of the migrants indicate they are not wearing masks nor practicing social distancing.

According to Influence Watch, for about ten years, the group primarily responsible for organizing or assisting the caravans is an organization called Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders). It is a project of the nonprofit La Familia Latina Unida that raises funds in order for PSF in order to organize efforts protesting U.S. immigration policy and the convoys are one of the means they allegedly to do so. Human smugglers even fund advertisements to convince people in Central America to travel illegally to the U.S. and, most likely, those convinced to emigrate probably join the processions north.

In reality, Pueblo Sin Fronteras is not only conducting human trafficking, but is also helping other leftist groups weaponize the migrants in order to advance their political agenda. In this case, it is based on the Cloward-Piven Strategy: deliberately overwhelm the U.S. immigration system making enforcement harder in order to change the demographics of the United States. This, in turn, helps Democrats gain more of an advantage in redistricting for the U.S. Congress and state legislatures including more people to illegally register to vote in elections.

The other effects resulting from the left’s push for illegal immigrants are even more stark: increased crime and depreciating living conditions. Since caravan migrants are in the United States illegally, they can not only be taken advantage of, but illegal immigrants overall cannot earn wages compatible to U.S. citizens. The illegals can end up living in crime-infested areas putting them and their families at risk or they themselves can be hardened criminals.

If many of the migrants in this new procession have coronavirus (which is likely) or any other contagious disease, they are not only imposing a risk on the others they’re traveling with but even people in the United States. There is also numerous hazardous conditions the expats will be exposed on their journey.

Regardless if anyone is pro or anti-immigration, this a national security as much as it is a human rights issue and groups, like Pueblo Sin Fronteras, are responsible. The people the left is convincing to travel and then enter the United States illegally exposes the illegals and Americans to great danger. Also, when they arrive, the Central Americans can not only qualify for government benefits, they are also urged to claim asylum where a lot are accompanied with children that may or may not be theirs.

It should be noted, that aside from a lawsuit filed against DHS four years ago, or unless it involves suing to halt building border walls, environmentalists remain silent. The caravan campaigns are neither compassionate nor are they fruitful and the intent behind them is absolutely evil. They don’t just pose an existential threat to the security and safety of the United States and its citizens, but also to the migrants themselves. Worst of all, the cavalcades also diminish the ability for people who legitimately need asylum resulting from political or religious persecution.

The left uses Latin Americans they can sucker or manipulate into participating in these border-busting campaigns as nothing more than fodder for their cause, regardless of the dangers involved. True, the United States immigration system is bureaucratic and it’s hard to legally live and work in the country, but this is about the left gaining power on the backs of others. Correcting injustices or truly helping people be damned.

PHOTO CREDIT: Migrants getting on La Bestia that will take them to the U.S.=Mexico border By Peter Haden –, CC BY 2.0,