PETA Blames the Victim in Shanghai Zoo Bear Attack

Always leave it to People for the Extortion, Torture, and Abuse for human beings (PETA) to blame the victim of an animal attack. A Shanghai Wild Animal Park employee was recently mauled by bears held in captivity at the Chinese zoo and people who saw it were, naturally, horrified. No indication of any expression of remorse for the what happened to the victim on the part of PETA representatives when asked about the situation. In short, the zoo employee brought the bear attack on himself.

A zoo worker was mauled to death by bears as tourists watched in horror

By Jennifer Hassan, October 19, 2020, The Washington Post

A group of bears at an animal park in Shanghai mauled an employee to death as visitors watched in horror from a tour bus.

he incident at Shanghai Wild Animal Park was recorded Saturday by panicked onlookers, some of whom posted footage on China’s popular Weibo platform. Witnesses inside the bus could be heard shrieking, “There seems to be a man” and “What’s going on?” the BBC reported Monday.

The park activated emergency protocols and temporarily closed the area as officials attempted to find out what happened to the worker inside the zoo’s beast-of-prey zone, which is accessible to tourists who remain inside designated vehicles.

Although details of the attack were scarce, park officials said they are working with investigators.

Officials said in a statement that they were “extremely heartbroken” and offered their sympathy to the family of the victim, who was not publicly identified. Officials also apologized to the guests who saw the attack.

Black and brown bears of all sizes roam freely in the drive-through area, which was designed to mimic their original habitat, according to the park’s website. Video footage posted to Instagram days before the attack shows one bear climbing up the side of a tourist bus as those inside stuff carrots into its mouth.

“Dangerous! Keep away!” a sign inside the vehicle reads.


PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons