Google and Apple Agreed to Partner For Internet Control

A bombshell report from The New York Times citing the Justice Department’s antitrust case reveals Google and Apple agreed to a secret alliance in order to gain control of the internet. The Times calls the arrangement one of the most lucrative business deals in history in which its price tag is estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

The antitrust suit was filed in federal court last week in which Reuters says that 11 states have also joined the court action against Google alleging the company engaged in practices to shut out competition seeking monopoly status in the markets the corporation services (i.e. web search and advertising).

The Times says that Apple agreed to make Google it’s devices primary search engine which, in turn, would direct huge quantities of traffic to the tech giant, despite Apple CEO Tim Cook regularly decrying Google as engaging in activities detrimental to user privacy. The federal court action came shortly after a year-long investigation in which Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly overruled Justice Department attorneys citing the need to build a bigger case.

Google’s search engine is not only the most used by internet users, but the European Union recently cited the company for broadening its control by making a wide variety of Google’s applications primary on devices that use its Android operating system.

It is not unusual for companies in the same, and sometimes different, markets to cooperate. In this case, both Apple and Google are major technology players who a U.S. House committee investigation concluded engaged in efforts that violated antitrust statutes. It will be interesting to find out if their scheme does violate antitrust laws and if it could be a key factor in a court decision to break up or order tech companies named in the lawsuit to reorganize like what happened with Google five years ago.

None the less, each of the technology companies in question are based in a part of the country that is very leftist in its politics and it is abundantly clear companies, like Google and Facebook, have used federal laws along with the free speech and privacy property protections afforded to them to knowingly violate their contracts with their customers and even change search algorithms in order to censor their opponents resulting from political bias. This, in turn, makes them a threat to people’s overall well-being. The antitrust investigations and lawsuits are the appropriate retaliation for the tech company’s mischief.