Three Questions to Undermine the Left’s Morality

Peta Credin at Sky News Australia set aside one of her shows today to call out leftists seeking to condemn Australia Day in which festivities for the event are to take place in the country tomorrow. However, one element that would demolish the leftists she points to is to highlight what they really want. When criticizing leftists, Dr. Thomas Sowell outlined three questions in a 2005 Fox News interview geared to force them to call into question their morality or provoke them to think critically.

Thomas Sowell points out these questions are effective since they also reveal the differences between those on the right and left. According to Sowell, the left believes: “there is nothing in human nature that would cause us to be unhappy. It’s the fact that we have the wrong institutions.”

This as opposed to the right who believes: “Man is flawed from Day One, and that there are no solutions, there are only trade-offs. And whatever you do to deal with man’s flaws, it creates another problem.”

“But you try to get the best trade-off you can get. And that’s all you can hope for.”

So if you come across someone who posits leftist idealism on how to make a better world (like erasing U.S. or even Australian history), the question to ask is: Compared to what? When they then state a leftist solution the next question to ask is: At what cost? If the leftist then demands that society has a duty to act because children are starving, people are dying, or minorities have somehow had injustices committed against them, another question to ask is: What hard evidence do you have?

The above scenario assumes that the parties involved are mostly rational people and, in this situation, the leftist might re-think the moral basis of their ethics (which is grounded in utopianism). However, recent events demonstrate most on the left are anything but rational so proceed with caution. Yet Dr. Sowell’s remarks on trade-offs is the point Ms. Credin is indirectly making in the video below. If she included Sowell’s questions into her monologue while demonstrating the outcomes of the left’s policies that would be devastating to the their claims.

The left seeks to establish their heaven on Earth and would rather force everyone to accept their values regardless of the outcome. This is essentially the point Sowell makes in his book The Vision of the Anointed. In their minds, the left’s utopian vision must come above all else since they are the anointed and that is why the left must be resisted and, ultimately, defeated.

Admittedly, the above scenario would take place among two mostly rational people. However, recent times demonstrate that irrationality and outright hostility is the left’s recent modus operandi.

One thought on “Three Questions to Undermine the Left’s Morality

  1. Techno-Global-Tyrants SEE both the Left & the Right. Techno-Global-Tyrants play our differences against ourselves in the great game that helps them “not be seen” by you. They are keen to not be seen, but they are there if you take the time to look. They would rather keep us divided and fighting one another over such things as Australian Day and who gets to speak and who does not. It is all a distraction. It’s much better that way you see, for they are the Big Techno Oligarchs that see to rule the ENTIRE WORLD under one “well managed, technologically managed, society”. Society by the way that they envision. A society with far fewer humans on the planet.

    Where are these Techno-Global-Tyrants? Where are “they” who set worldwide policies that everyone seems to obediently follow? Look no further than all those who attend the World Economic Forum. Look at that company list. Look at the “Party of Davos”. That is the “They”. Right there, are the Techno-Global-Tyrants. Yes, they do seek to rule the world. They are the “Brian” and we are the mentally challenged “Pinky” in the little cartoon “Pinky & the Brain”.

    Who are they? They are the global elite who have no loyalty to any nation of the world. They do not like small businesses or small nations, and to them, they are all small and controllable. They are the Global Techno elite who seek to “Manage” the “world’s countries” under one vision. They don’t see it as Tyrannical. I do. It is forced, it not natural. They are the followers and planners of “THE GREAT RESET”. Look it up while you still can.

    What can we do? How can we fight them?

    Just like a lion who can’t walk or run with thorns in its paws, they do have weaknesses. Their first vulnerable paw can be found in the area of Patents. Once Patents become seen as the temporary government monopoly grants that they are, and not century-long “private property”, then we have made mental progress. We can begin to see a way out. Patents should be abolished. We can and will make a big distinction between “the Candle & the Flame”: the candle being property, the flame being not property. Things that are NOT property are all codes, rhythms, melodies, formulas, equations, and recipes: these are but Flames.

    That is one paw. The other is the liability that the State Created corporations do NOT TAKE ON. Long term prison sentences for board members, CEOs, VP, and others are CRUCIAL, in our battle for freedom and individual rights to our own sovereign lives, liberties, and private properties. Yes, we each must be sovereign, kings and queens of our own small castles, no matter how small. Like Horton the Who says, ‘a life is a life, no matter how small’. Suicides at Nike factories? Slave labor prison camps? “Reeducation Camps?” Death from “safe Vaccines? Yes, Corporate Empires should fall, and its leaders thrown into prison. This is where the rubber meets the road and we take action. The Bill of Rights now must apply to any company in the USA and hopefully to the rest of the Western World if not the entire world. The moral lesson that we must teach: Individual Rights of all shall not be infringed by governments or Global Corporations. All lives must be respected and must be held sovereign and free: Global Oligarchs do not get off scot-free from violating free speech rights. Yes, we are at war ladies & gentlemen, we just don’t know it yet. Yes, it is time to stand up and “do something”. Yes, we must again battle hard for our Individual Rights, the Rights of Man, the future of Individual Rights for all of us. This then is their second paw, for companies have no rights without their owners held FULLY liable for the companies actions.

    But there are 4 paws on this Techno-Globalist-Lion. So look closely for the other two, for they always follow the first two. They, the Globalist Oligarchs that rule us today, will not rule us tomorrow if we just stick those two stickers, deep into their two front paws. We must RE-Capture Policymaking powers, the lion’s back foot. This is the first sign that the Lion plans to move comes from this back paw, which is soon followed by the lion’s other back paw, Strategies. And we must mind Lion’s strategies, and take action immediately. We must take down this Global-Techno-Oligarchs, why? Why because we are the Soverngs, not them. The freedom we will all enjoy,… will be glorious.


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