Time Magazine Article Rings In New “Guilded Age”

My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell has released a video that alleges proof of vote fraud used to unseat President Donald Trump. However, the one major news item that has flown under the radar, is an article published today in Time magazine that outlines the plot to rig the 2020 election.

Lindell may be correct due to the Democrat’s long history of conducting vote fraud and with almost all of the major cultural organs (like Silicon Valley, news media, and entertainment) dominated by the left. What should be of concern, isn’t just that vote fraud is alleged, but that the activities of the many organizations lined up to kick Trump out of the White House all came together to do this.

Nowhere in the Time article is the blatant denial and rationalization for the left’s misdeeds clearer, than this paragraph located in the beginning sections of the tract discussing activities of organizations, with such laughable names such as “Project Democracy”:

“They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.”

In other words, the left decided to cheat for the greater good. Locking in mechanisms they had in place nationally in order to solidify power regardless if what they did was legal or not. Ultimately, there were two wings to the left’s campaign: the public face, as described in the Time article, and the clandestine arm that did the illegal work like stuffing ballots and casting illegal votes.

Since the illegal activities have not been officially revealed yet, the legal or legitimate wing conducted a lot of activities that literally were in-kind contributions (like Twitter’s suppressing the Hunter Biden story) which should be prosecuted or the groups involved fined as such.

None the less, this is really the beginning of another Gilded Age where machines dominate the political landscape, immigration (this time illegal) is encouraged to bring in more voters for the left, while graft and corruption become the norm. The poor results of today’s jobs report is an indication of a drag the political corruption is having on the economy. The American left establishment is bragging about what they did and, simultaneously, insulting the American people by using this opportunity to say, in effect: We did this, so what are you going to do about it?

Though it took time to take down machine politicians, like Boss Tweed, eventually their power and influence collapses. With the in-kind contributions technology companies gave the Biden campaign, activities, like the Navajo Tribe bribery scheme, and the fact that states can enforce federal law, it would be a good idea to start demanding governors and lawmakers in Republican states take action.

During the Guilded Age, the Hayes-Tilden election of 1876 exposed, not only holes in the U.S.’s political system, but also revealed how the corruption of that time period had infested the electoral process. The result was a huge push for reform furthered by 20 years of populism, respectfully. So far, Florida’s tech censorship legislation and California with Gavin Newsom’s coming recall would be welcome opening salvos to demand an end to the left’s political chicanery.

PHOTO CREDIT: A Thomas Nast cartoon published in Harper’s Weekly of Boss Tweed’s ring of corruption. From left to right: William Tweed, Peter B. Sweeny, Richard B. Connolly, and Oakey Hall. To the left of Tweed in the background are James H. Ingersoll and Andrew Garvey, city contractors involved with much of the city construction. Cropped by Beyond My Ken Uploaded by Beyond My Ken at en.wikipedia – Political cartoon by Thomas Nast in Harper’s Weekly [1], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16468923