CO. Husbandry Ban Initiative Would Do More Than Destroy State Cattle Industry

A proposed ballot initiative in Colorado, cynically named the PAUSE Act, filed by animal rights groups would not only ban artificial insemination of cattle (aka husbandry), but would destroy the Centennial State’s cattle business.

The sinister intent behind the proposal isn’t just the economic effects, but, taking into account what is reported by KOAA News 5, also the attempt to codify husbandry as being on par with rape. This, in turn, could be the avenue the human hate groups need to achieve their goal of giving animals the same rights as humans. From the article (emphasis mine):

“If passed, proposed ballot initiative 2021-2022 #16 would re-word Colorado’s revised statutes surrounding animal cruelty–effectively making artificial insemination and other currently accepted animal husbandry practices illegal in Colorado by defining them as cruel acts, equating them to human sexual contact with animals.”

The supporters, of course, claim that they’re seeking to reduce animal cruelty and ensure all animals are treated fairly. But destroying Colorado’s cattle industry would rid the state’s human population of meat products people enjoy eating and a good source of protein to help sustain their lives. It goes into a point I have repeatedly made, that animal rights is not about the humane treatment of animals, but the animalistic treatment of humans.

Right now, the groups behind this effort are collecting signatures for the 2022 ballot. But, unfortunately, there is little indication the ranching industry in the state is aware that this is another front on the left’s political war on our culture and civilization as evidenced by one representative telling KOAA news that the PAUSE Act’s supporters should talk to a rancher to get the facts.

The left is not interested in the facts, only what helps get them power. If it means destroying an industrial sector they cannot control or enables people to be self-reliant, they will pursue any avenues or means to eradicate it. Here is hoping, not only that the PAUSE Act is defeated if it makes it to the ballot, but that the cattle and other industries realize the political war the left is waging and respond accordingly.