DHS To Hire Private Contractors In Order To Black List Political Dissidents

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is planning on hiring private contractors to scour social media and databases in order to collect information on patrons for new domestic terror watch lists the agency will compile. According to NBC News, social media companies will be the ones to compile the information from special internal teams that will assist the government by transmitting information about people they deem dangerous.

NBC reveals this new information as U.S. intelligence services are preparing to begin to assemble lists of Americans who might be potential threats to the government; and need to be monitored.

Fortunately, it looks like NBC might be starting to recognize the implications as indicated by a tweet from reporter Ken Dilanian that states:

“DHS planning to expand relationships with companies that scour public data for intelligence and to better harness the vast trove of data it already collects on Americans. The department is also contemplating changes to its terrorist watch listing process.”

Aside from the push for COVID contact tracing, what is even more harrowing about the prospect of such a program was revealed a few years ago. FBI agents used the National Security Agency’s database in order to conduct opposition research despite the agency’s assurances to lawmakers their operatives were using their access in a very limited way.

What could possibly go wrong with the DHS’s latest endeavor? The agency surely won’t let what happened with the FBI occur with companies like Facebook and Twitter on the job, right?