Watch Out For Vehicle Miles Tax For Climate Change Infrastructure

While campaigning for president, Joe Biden explicitly said he opposed raising taxes on the poor and middle class. Don’t look now, but a proposal being pitched by Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, does just that.

During an interview today on CNBC, Buttigieg told Kayla Tausche about Biden’s infrastructure plans and spoke highly of a vehicle mileage tax would be the way to finance them. As opposed to a gas tax that travelers pay based on gasoline consumption, a vehicle mileage tax would charge people based on how far they travel.

Buttigieg told the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee yesterday that Biden’s infrastructure proposal would be a generational investment to combat climate change and racial inequality (i.e. reparations). If this passes, you can forget about those inexpensive trips you like to take, since this green proposal would rob you of that ability and much more.

How convenient! Using climate change as an excuse to confiscate people’s wealth with a tax that will affect those least able to afford it and use the new levy to fund racist endeavors. No doubt environmentalist groups will have lawyers and legal briefs ready to fight much of these proposals in court since green groups historically oppose infrastructure projects.