Biden Interior Secretary Shreds U.S. Energy Dominance

As predicted by many Republicans, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland reneged on Biden’s initial promise to not ban fracking on federal lands and Haaland’s pledge to take a balanced approach to energy policy when questioned about her views during her confirmation. With the stroke of a pen, according to the Associated Press, she revoked a dozen energy policy mandates put in during the Trump Administration. From the AP:

“Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on Friday revoked a series of Trump administration orders that promoted fossil fuel development on public lands and waters, and issued a separate directive that prioritizes climate change in agency decisions.

The moves are part of a government-wide effort by the Biden administration to address climate change ahead of a virtual global summit on climate change that President Joe Biden is hosting next week.

“From day one, President Biden was clear that we must take a whole-of-government approach to tackle the climate crisis, strengthen the economy and address environmental justice,” Haaland said in a statement. The new orders will “make our communities more resilient to climate change and … help lead the transition to a clean energy economy,″ she added.”

Of course it is no surprise when a politician or bureaucrat lies or, when they take office, reverse course after making promises to do the opposite of what they intend. However, Haaland is one of many radicals Biden has appointed to key positions within his Administration and, worst of all, many Senate Republicans, like Lisa Murkowski, went along with her appointment despite Haaland’s outspoken radical views and destructive passions.

It isn’t so much that Haaland lied about her intentions when going through the process to confirm her as Interior Secretary. It is the Republicans who could have put a stop to appointees like her demanding more centrists rather than just going along in the name of normalcy. It is the enablers of leftist nihilism who are more dangerous than leftists themselves because they either implicitly agree or refuse to believe leftists are serious about their intentions until it is too late.

Now, thanks to Debra Haaland and her GOP enablers, not only is this the beginning of the end of U.S. energy dominance, but gasoline will become even more expensive and even more lives ruined due to energy sector job losses. But that is not a priority for the Biden Administration and his Republican collaborators, only power and normalcy.