Jimmy Kimmel Joins Chorus to Shame Un-Vaccinated

With this skit trying to shame people into submission, Jimmy Kimmel may have just pushed a lot more people who might have been open to getting vaccinated for COVID-19 or on the fence into the negative column. Essentially, the gist of this rant is: I get that people are skeptical of politicians or celebrities telling them what to do…but I am going to tell you what to do.

A great way to get a sense of why people are not getting vaccinated is described in an essay at American Thinker. The author states:

From my vantage point, the “vaccine hesitant” are very analytical, very calm, and very patient.   They are not anti-vaxxers by any stretch but want to make an informed, data-driven decision, weigh the costs and benefits, and do what they deem best for themselves and their families.  They are willing to wait for more information about long-term effects before plunging the needle into their arms.

This kind of irrational hysteria coming from people like doctors and nurses only undermines the confidence people will have with the coronavirus vaccines. Unless that is what Kimmel is trying to do in hopes of destroying an accomplishment by Donald Trump?