Whitmer Orders MI Pipeline Shut Down

Despite massive fuel shortages related to the Colonial Pipeline hacking incident and offering to supply state residents with propane for the recent gas crisis, The Guardian states Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered Pipeline 5 that is operated by Enbridge, a Canadian energy company, to shut down citing a potential oil or gas leak.

So far, according to The Associated Press, the company has refused. But Michigan is suing Enbridge alleging they are now trespassing since Whitmer has declared it unsafe, has threatened to confiscate some of the company’s assets, and even provoked a potential spat with Canada after revoking a 53 year agreement the state had regarding the pipeline itself citing easement violations.

The governor made this proclamation despite the Enbridge pipeline never having a disruption of its structure of any kind. The AP also reports that environmentalists and indian tribe allies will be holding protests in the state accusing Enridge of violating the law and putting groundwater at risk. Environmentalists aren’t the only constituent Whitmer is pandering to. She is obviously assisting Joe Biden with his dry run to end the use of fossil fuels.

Shutting down this pipeline will help make fossil fuel prices go higher resulting, in theory, in giving the left the leverage they need to push so-called renewable energy down Michigander’s throats. Whitmer has an awful record in her state. She used the COVID-19 virus to ruin Michigan resident’s lives, had the state pay to have elderly coronavirus infected patients housed in nursing homes that resulted in numerous deaths, received illegal campaign donations through a state political nonprofit, has been caught trying to give favors to groups who support her, and leverage her office in other ways too.

A corrupt governor for the most corrupt state in the nation who just so happened to have nursing home residents killed off using coronavirus at taxpayer expense. How appropriate!