Report: Expect More Green Jihad Litigation to Halt Using Fossil Fuels

The Dutch lawsuit involving Royal Dutch Shell could be a precursor to an increased offensive on the part of environmentalists to undermine fossil fuel use and economies overall using litigation. Essentially, it is a way to achieve socialism through litigation. This will take place, not just in the West, but even in developing countries too. In short, poor countries stand to get screwed more by environmentalists than wealthy ones. Undermine fossil fuel use and civilizations collapse. That is exactly what environmentalists, if not the entire political left, wants.

Open Lawfare: Report Warns Corporations, Rich Economies Face Onslaught of Climate Litigation

By Simon Kent, May 28, 2021, Breitbart

Companies operating in rich, successful capitalist economies including Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and especially the U.S. must prepare for an onslaught of activist-driven climate litigation, a report released Friday warns.

The prediction of expensive judicial activism comes in the wake of a Dutch court decision Wednesday ordering oil giant Shell to slash its greenhouse gas emissions in this decade or face punitive financial retribution.

“The 2020s are a key decade for climate action. Therefore, sovereigns and corporates should expect more climate lawsuits to come down the line,” the study by business risk analysts Verisk Maplecroft said, noting “companies risk fines reminiscent of tobacco trials.”

According to AFP, business entities that thrive in open democracies appear most at risk from penalty but the report also highlights a growing number of cases trickling down to fast-growing developing countries even as the world downplays the risks posed by the threatened “climate apocalypse.”


Image by David Mark from Pixabay.