Democrats Try to Racialize Byhalia Pipeline in Tennessee

When identity politics is one’s method of seeing the world, then race is the primary means of which people will view situations. Nowhere is this more apparent when Al Gore’s recent virtue signalling on the Byhalia pipeline of which a portion of the edifice will be going through Shelby County, Tennessee where Memphis is located.

According to The Washington Post, Gore recently lobbied Joe Biden to halt the Byhalia pipeline that opponents claim that it will run through largely black residential neighborhoods. However, the 2019 Census report shows the largest amount of Memphis residents are black people. Plus also the company who owns the pipeline, Plains All American Pipeline, went through the regulatory process to acquire the permits and easements needed to begin construction.

There’s been no controversy about the pipeline until Al Gore decided to make a stink about it and, not surprisingly, tries to put a racial spin on the issue calling the pipeline a reckless, racist, rip-off. However, his own party has a racist history (such as the Democrat’s support of slavery and segregation) of which the party and leaders, like Gore, have not apologized for. Before demanding reparations for past injustices against black people and other minority groups (which were terrible) or even championing their causes, Gore and other Democrats should clean up their own backyards.

Al Gore has made millions off of the climate change apocalypse scam and, to this day, has the carbon footprint to prove it. No doubt he and other Democrats are looking to get a payout of some kind. Otherwise, if the company presses ahead with construction, no doubt the left’s thuggish minions will be called in to terrorize and vandalize Byhalia construction sites until the pipeline’s owners pay up.