Scientific American Retracts Anti-Israel Opinion Piece After Backlash

Scientific American is the latest publication to fall victim to the left’s insanity. According to the New York Post, the magazine had to retract an op-ed titled: Health Care Workers Call for Support of Palestinians after scientists and other contributors criticized the magazine resulting from its publication.

Among the alleged abuses the New York Post states were in the op-ed that Israel engages in vaccine apartheid and war crimes and also decried Israeli settler colonial rule. The authors even urged U.S. health care and academic organizations to denounce long standing oppression against Palestinians and join the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions effort against Israel.

Scientific American quickly retracted the essay after receiving correspondence from Nobel Prize winners and scientists who called out the article saying it was unsupported by the facts. However, the essay’s publication is concerning, especially after an opinion piece published in SA earlier this month making the case that Gaza Palestinians were experiencing a mental health crisis resulting from Israel’s attacks on the territory. The essay ignored the mental health effects of Hamas’s missile and terrorist attacks against Israelis and, so far, an op-ed discussing Israeli trauma resulting from Islamic terrorist attacks has not been printed.

Fox News reports SA senior editor named Sunya Bhutta has reportedly even posted tweets that essentially call for the destruction of Israel. Fortunately, another senior editor with the magazine named Laura Helmuth stated they would review their internal review processes.

None the less, the op-eds in Scientific American are concerning but not unsurprising in light of the magazine’s sturdy advocacy of human-induced climate change. The left has the utmost contempt for Jews, not only because they’re very intelligent and hardworking (which debunks the left’s victim narrative), but also resulting from writings by Karl Marx (himself also an ethnic Jew) basically calling for the eradication of Jews.

Anti-Semitic or bigoted essays should never be welcome at a journal dedicated to science. However, considering the underlying ideology of some of its staff and the biased science SA has published in the past, unfortunately, this victory may only be temporary.

PHOTO CREDIT: Antisemitic graffiti in Venezuela, alongside a hammer and sickle By AndresHerutJaim – Own work, Public Domain,