Power Grid in Multiple Western States At Risk Due To Heatwave

An NBC News report says multiple western states’ power grids are at risk of shutting down due to increased demands for energy resulting from the sweltering heat. For example, as NBC News points out, Portland, Oregon temperatures reached a record high of 116 degrees last week and a Portland-area power company had to install extra equipment in order to meet increased power demand.

Naturally, despite the fast drop in temperatures in the northwestern U.S. and the heightened temperatures being the result of a natural weather occurrence, Joe Biden and other Democrat politicians are claiming the heat wave is due to climate change and are using the occasion to call for more action. Most likely, the policy changes will entail in the form of restrictions on economic activity such as fossil fuel production that will make our lives even more miserable.

The even does speak to a problem that needs to be addressed since heat waves will occur again. However, the present administration has little interest in fixing the problem, and would rather benefit politically from it.