Despite Court Order Missouri Woman Refuses to Give PETA Custody of Chimps

Tonia Haddix has been caring for some chimpanzees turned over to her five years ago by a previous caregiver named Connie Casey resulting from a 2016 lawsuit initiated by PETA in which the human hate group claimed Casey’s facilities for the chimps were inadequate citing violations of the Endangered Species Act. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, PETA filed a new lawsuit recently claiming Haddix is in violation of the agreement.

The part of the Consent Decree in question is that Haddix would build new facilities for the chimpanzees based on specific standards soon after taking possession of the chimps. However, only less than a year after the agreed settlement, PETA alleges in their lawsuit that Haddix is not holding up her end of the agreement.

Despite Judge Catherine Perry‘s decision ordering Tonia Haddix to turn the chimpanzees over the PETA, she is flat-out refusing. Haddix stated she was unable to get legal representation and was given 14 days by the judge to find a lawyer. Unfortunately, none of the attorneys she contacted were willing to take her case.

According to the Jefferson County Leader, Haddix also alleges bias on the part of the judge due to a lack of responses to her motions as well as PETA’s unwillingness to negotiate in which the group even got a restraining order preventing Tonia Haddix from moving out of state as she had originally planned.

This is another example of the legal harassment PETA subjects people to and, worst of all, Judge Catherine Perry (appointed by Bill Clinton) is siding with them. PETA is notorious for their hostility to facilities used for caring for wild animals. If given possession of the chimpanzees, the most likely outcome is that the animals will be euthanized or put into another facility among chimpanzees unfamiliar to Haddix’s only to end up either being killed by younger chimps or eventually die lonely deaths.

Thankfully, the National Constitutional Law Union has agreed to take Ms Haddix’s case and attorney John Pierce says they will take it up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. If you would like to donate to help Tonia Maddix, please do so here. She has been through a lot and does not deserve to be harassed by People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings. Below is a local news report of Ms. Maddix’s dilemma.