Animal Rebellion Ends Three-Day Protest At McDonald’s Supplier

BBC reports the animal rights wing of Extinction Rebellion, Animal Rebellion, decided to host a blockade of OSI Food Solutions in Scunthorpe, England starting on Thursday. The group demanded OSI’s biggest client, McDonald’s, switch to a plant-based menu in four years in which they also link meat production with being a major contributor to man-made climate change.

Thankfully, police arrested and charged a number of the hoodlums and the event along with removing a bamboo structure used to prevent employees from entering the meat processing facility. Unfortunately, OSI Food Solutions employees missed two days of work resulting from Animal Rebellion’s publicity stunt.

Around this time two years ago, Animal Rebellion’s parent organization conducted a massive action that blocked major highways in London, and attempted a repeat of their feat last year obstructing roads in three British cities at times causing angst among commuters. Extinction and Animal Rebellion are really helping their cause blocking people from commuting to work or leisure activities aren’t they?

PHOTO CREDIT: By Julia Hawkins –, CC BY 2.0,