Texas Democrats Flee Lone Star State Only to Catch #COVID-19

Last week, over 50 of the Texas legislature’s Democrat Caucus decided to conduct a filibuster of election reform legislation by leaving the state. The Lone Star State’s Party of Science lawmakers flew in a chartered jet without wearing masks or practicing social distancing and traveled to Washington D.C.. The Texas Democrats were praised by the Biden administration and other leftists for their obstruction and even took time to lobby for H.R. 1 that is geared to override state election integrity laws.

Ironically enough, 5 of the Texas Demorats ended up contracting COVID-19 despite all of them allegedly being vaccinated. The drive-by media is remarkably silent on the Texas Democrat’s debacle. Their claim of immunization was the Democrat’s justification for not wearing masks or social distancing on their flight. However, if they were vaccinated, according to the CDC, the Lone Star State politicians’ publicity stunt would not have become a super spreader event.

In fairness, the Texas Democrats who contracted COVID could be the result of rare instances of coronavirus variants that are somehow able to avoid immunization protection. Then again, in light of the numerous situations of Democrat elected officials not obeying the very coronavirus rules they impose on others, it is very likely the Texas Democrats lied. Due to Democrat’s outlook on the rule of law for their opponents for the last five years, it is reasonable to assume the latter.