Italians Revolt Against #COVID-19 “Green Pass”

Since the Italian government’s announcement of a Green Pass yesterday, according to Italy 24 News, hundreds of thousands of Italians, many of whom appropriately call the new policy the slavery passport, gathered to protest it and many more demonstrations are scheduled throughout Italy over the weekend.

The new regulation will force people to show proof of vaccination in order to participate in a number of common activities, such as eat at a restaurant indoors or attending public entertainment functions, and requires immunization for health care workers. The Green Pass was enacted to try to prevent the spread of the Delta variant, despite numerous reports of even vaccinated individuals getting infected, which is not uncommon in the context of coronaviruses.

New variants of viruses occur all of the time and when they do, even though they are more contagious, they are also not as deadly. In terms of vaccines, there is little reason not to immunize. For example, an Israeli study found that, despite Pfizer’s vaccine dropping in effectiveness in preventing infection and symptomatic disease, the immunization was 93% effective in preventing hospitalization, infection, and serious illness.

Just recently a group of Israeli scientists at Hebrew University in Jerusalem revealed 18 existing drugs that they believe could successfully treat patients who contract COVID-19. Non-vaccination alternatives nor measures to prevent virus infection even crossed the mind of policy makers, like those in Italy and France. The coronavirus passport is nothing more than a means to control people using policies similar to China’s social credit system. It is not surprising when people become outraged resulting from their political leaders enacting stupid policies.

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay