Illegal Migrants May Have Infected Local Lo Jolla, Texas Whataburger

A group of unsupervised illegal immigrants housed at a La Jolla, Texas hotel ended up at a local Whataburger yesterday only to have potentially infected the facility with COVID-19. According to Fox News, a local resident waived down a police officer and expressed concern the migrants were ill. Upon interviewing the restaurant manager, the officer found out the group were coughing and sneezing while not obeying health requirements (like wearing masks).

During questioning, the migrants told the officer that they had tested positive for coronavirus and were released by the Border Patrol soon after being detained. While the illegals had no proof they had been infected, Fox News also reveals the Texas Inn & Suites where the illegals are housed is paid for by Catholic Charities and are leaving them unsupervised. The charity reportedly did not notify local authorities of the possibility that the migrants could be infected and, worst of all, the illegals can leave and go anywhere in the United States at any time.

Illegal migration to the United States has surged under the Biden administration, in which a lot of border crossers are not tested nor vaccinated for coronavirus and many are infected with other communicable diseases. This despite laughable efforts on the part of some so-called fact checkers who attempt to deny the illegal migrant surge and their being infected after being released into the United States.

None of this makes for a unhealthy situation for either the illegal immigrants, American citizens, and residents and the Biden administration has intentionally been reckless with this and many other policy issues. The health and safety risks posed to everyone are very high but the Biden administration attempts to distract using the near harmless Delta variant as a means to scare the public into not only vaccinating but to deflect from the calamity they have caused.