Environmentalist Leader’s Strange Way of Honoring the Earth

Winona LaDuke is a long time environmentalist who began her activism in the early 1980’s after graduating from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in native economic development. She has founded and served on the board of many environmentalist groups, such as Greenpeace and the Indigenous Women’s Network.

According to WCCO, her latest green group, known as Honor the Earth, participated in protests against the upgrade of a pipeline in Wadena County, Minnesota that runs from Alberta, Canada to Superior Wisconsin. Last week, La Duke and a few other ladies were arrested for trespassing on a pipeline construction site.

Indian tribes along the pipeline route attempted to claim treaty rights in a lawsuit geared to halt the pipeline’s construction saying it ran through areas where they plant crops, hunt, and even fish. The pipeline’s owner, Enbridge, says the pipeline is almost complete and is in need of an upgrade since it has been in place since the 1960’s and has deteriorated.

But the most interesting part isn’t LaDuke’s arrest, it is her permissive attitude when it comes to pedophiles. During February, the Washington Free Beacon revealed that during the 1990’s one of her top organizers, Michael Dahl, sexually assaulted a minor when he was 15 years old. Claims LaDuke at first dismissed but then later admitted her associate participated in but, according to her, it was a consensual relationship and it was not her place to judge.

Is Winona LaDuke that desperate that she would allow a pedophile to be in her midst and help organize her group’s campaigns and other events? The left has tried to normalize pedophilia for years and earlier this month the San Francisco Men’s Choir confirmed much of what was already known underneath the surface about the leftist gay agenda to convert and even groom underage children.

It is a strange way for Winona LaDuke to Honor the Earth by courting a pedophile. Then again, it may not be an act of desperation but merely a business relationship and her tolerance of Michael Dahl is one way to help the normalization of pedophilia along. The kids Dahl violates are obviously just collateral damage in environmentalist’s seeking to create their Eden or heaven on Earth.