Iowa Senators Hit Back Against California Anti-Pork Law

I recently highlighted an upcoming law in California taking effect next year that could eliminate the state’s pork industry and rob Golden State residents of the meat as a source of food. The new rules make very specific requirements for livestock living conditions.

But don’t stock up on bacon or pork chops just yet, Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst are hitting back against California’s Proposition 12 with a proposal of their own. From the Washington Free Beacon:

“The California law, Proposition 12, will ban the sale of pork from farms where a pig is raised on less than 24 square feet of space. Since only 4 percent of the nation’s hog farmers abide by it, the law will eliminate 96 percent of pork suppliers from the California market. Iowa is the largest pork supplier in the nation.

Ernst and Grassley on Thursday introduced a bill, the Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression Act, that would combat California’s law by preventing any state from regulating the production or distribution of agricultural products in other states and localities.

“We thought we’ve seen it all from the radical left—from defunding the police, to the Green New Deal, to trillions in new spending with skyrocketing inflation—but this takes it to a whole new level: banning bacon? No way, folks,” said Ernst, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. “Radicals in liberal states like California shouldn’t be allowed to punish hardworking farmers and producers in Iowa, which is why I’m pushing to strip out this ridiculous law and ensure Iowans can continue selling the nation’s best pork, bacon, and eggs to Americans across the country.””

According to the AP, 20 states have challenged Proposition 12. However, Golden State citizens consume a large amount of pork meat products. One study estimated California residents eat 15% of all pork in the United States, but no doubt they also enjoy having more bacon at lower prices.

Two Chapman University professors recently examined what motivated people to leave California and the results are (you guessed it) higher taxes, higher cost of living, and too many government regulations. The state’s upcoming near ban on pork would certainly spurn more Golden State citizens to pack up and leave.