Australia Begins #COVID-19 Qurantine Camp Construction

Last month, construction began on a 1000-bed facility in Melbourne, Australia. The facility is one of many Australia is seeking to erect that will house people who travel abroad and have to quarantine for two weeks. Hotels were originally used, but they did not work out and, worst of all, a facial recognition app is being tested geared to ensure returning travelers or those ordered to quarantine are doing so.

Germany and Canada are two other countries that have done the same, but this is not a good thing. There have been previous campaigns in history quarantining, but this is really about the loss of our individual freedoms. COVID-19 is not that serious a sickness that would warrant such drastic action. Australia’s activities on COVID are surprising in light of the country announcing they will live with the virus rather than try to combat it.

Below is a television report broadcast earlier this year that announced a new quarantine system for Western Australia.