Australian Police Riot Squads Used to Disburse Peaceful #COVID-19 Protesters

Melbourne Police have also imposed a no-fly zone for television and radio stations to use aircraft in order for media to report on coronavirus protesters and violent police activities. National media outlets later sued to have the restriction overturned and now can report on protest incidents with police permission until the policy is decided by a judge. There are reportedly others among the protester crowds who are simultaneously objecting to the lock-downs.

The below incident took place at Victoria’s Shrine of Remembrance War Memorial. In fairness, the protesters at the Shrine (as it is known in the city) weren’t exactly the cleanest group of people and police did try to negotiate with the protesters asking them to leave prior to using tear gas.

Citizens of the state of Victoria have been in lock down for almost a year and the protests are obviously in reaction to that policy including the gradual requirements imposed for Victorians to be vaccinated. It is unfortunate that the politicians who enacted these policies will not admit that they are a failure and will not work to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

As India’s and Sweden’s experience demonstrate, vaccines and lock downs are not the only way to halt or prevent the spread of COVID-19.