Greta Thunberg Agrees She Doesn’t Know What She is Talking About

Greta Thunberg, the now 18-year old Swedish autistic teen, whom the left and media literally made out to be a prophet on climate change, admitted during a BBC interview that she is just talking gibberish. From Breitbart:

““What would you say to critics who say it’s much easier to preach to the world about the fact it’s not doing enough about climate change rather than fixing the problem?” BBC global science correspondent Rebecca Morelle asked Thunberg, in a rare effort to pose a somewhat challenging question to her.

“You’ve accused politicians of just saying ‘blah blah blah’; aren’t you just saying ‘blah blah blah’ to some extent?” Morelle added.

“Yeah,” agreed Thunberg, with a perhaps surprising lack of hesitation.

“But that’s the role of an activist: to organise marches, to have speeches, to organise events. That’s the role of an activist. That’s kind of what we do. That’s what activists have been doing since forever,” she added, slightly peevishly.”

You can watch the video segment of her admission here.