Citing “Urgent Climate Effects,” California Essentially Bans Fracking

In response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s order issued in April outlawing fracking in 2024, the state is drawing down its allowing the drilling method. According to the Associated Press, in a letter to Aera Energy, the Golden State’s oil and gas regulator, Uduak-Joe Ntuk, said in a letter to the company he could not approve new fracking permits in good conscience.

During August, Kern County supervisors filed a lawsuit in state court challenging Newsom’s edict and the mass denial of fracking permits in which the Western States Petroleum Association filed their own legal challenge shortly thereafter. On the other hand, environmentalists couldn’t be happier. The Center for Biological Diversity praised California government’s efforts in which a CBG representative told the San Francisco Chronicle:

It is a sign that the tide is starting to turn, and the state is starting to prioritize public health and the environment over the profits of the oil industry.

In the meantime, gas prices nationwide have surged to levels not seen in eight years, with California’s experiencing the highest increases in the country. The state’s government’s dirty little secret is that the Golden State is relying more on foreign oil despite making efforts to restrict fossil fuel extraction and use at home.

Governor Newsom (whose companies benefited from millions of dollars in PPP funds) also said California needs to move beyond oil. However, his state’s increased reliance on foreign oil along with hydroelectric and nuclear power from states, like Arizona and in the Pacific Northwest, while Newsom goes along with environmentalists demands to shut down California nuclear plants shows that his loyalties really lie. He prefers gifting foreign oil producing countries with American money that, in turn, screws the people of California.

Never let a chance to virtue signal go to waste and turn your state into a @#$%hole.